Ever wanted to do real life Mario Kart? These are for you.

Want to take it easy during a festival weekend? We got you.

Ever wanted to fly over the waves? Here’s your chance.

Avoid having to settle for beat up and underpowered scooters.

Choose your theme:

MotorX was founded for MotorHeads, by MotorHeads.

We are here for all the MotorHeads out there that always wanted to play with Big Boys Toys but either never had the time or didn’t want to shell out 10s of 1000s of dollars to do so. We eliminate all the hassle, expense and headache with doing so. MotorX is a new startup based out of Tampa Florida that is bringing fun to the masses. With an assortment of all sorts of motorized recreational toys, we make it easy to have fun without injuring your pocket book!

MotorX is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to get going. Simply scroll down to the bottom if you haven’t already done so and download the app to get going.

Four Wheeled Vehicles

Crazy Carts


Golf Carts




How it Works

Yes. The app makes it extremely easy for you to lookup, reserve, verify and then pay for your rental. When you show up for pickup, simply show your rental confirmation and be on your way…. Everything is handled in the app.

Yes we do, but in some instances, it isn’t necessary. Using Plaid (www.plaid.com), we are able to do a private, secure, quick assessment of your ability to cover any damages should something happen to any of our equipment. You are responsible for any non-standardized wear and tear resulting from use.
If you cannot verify your ability to cover loss of use/damages, deposits will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
For a full list of what is not covered, please click here.

Same thing when you rent a car and have to provide valid proof of who you are, this is no different. To help keep costs down and to eliminate theft, we use Plaid (www.plaid.com) to verify who you are through your bank account. We are not given any personally identifying information and cannot see any of your financial records. All of this is done behind the scenes in a matter of seconds.

You’re in luck. As this app is being piloted in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, if you have items sitting around unused that you know other MotorHeads would be interested in listing, please contact us directly at info@motor-x.co or 813.536.6104. You can reach us on WhatsApp as well by clicking here.

That’s no problem! Want to rent multiple Crazy Carts for a birthday part? How about more than one golf cart for the day? We got you! We don’t have flat rate pricing available on quite yet for a quick glance, but if you are interested in finding out more, contact us directly at info@motor-x.co or 813.536.6104. You can reach us on WhatsApp as well by clicking here.

MotorX sells just about anything you see on the site or in the app. If there is something that you can’t live without and want to keep it, the Try Before You Buy feature is fresh at your fingertips. Soon you will be able to complete the transaction directly from the app, but in the meantime, a simple call to our office saying you’d like to keep it is just as easy.

Download the app and start having some fun

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